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From the Farm

The harvest is constantly changing and as is our stock. Come in store to see what fresh, seasonal farm items we have.

Fresh Harvest

Fresh Harvest

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Our harvest will change day to day, season to season.

A mid day gathering while the girls peck and scratch down by the creek.

Farm Fresh Eggs

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We have free range, pasture raised eggs that we are selling from our little farm.

heirloom seeds


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We are so pleased to announce that we are now a seller of some of the finest heirloom seeds in existence. Stop by the shop and pick some up or sit around and sip some tea while perusing through @bakercreekseeds catalog for our biweekly seed order.



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Our fresh grown vegetable stock will change day to day, season to season. Come in and see what we have today.

fresh herbs

Fresh Picked Herbs

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Our herbs will change season to season.


Fresh Honey

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Fresh, local honey.

hand dipped tapered beeswax candle

Hand Dipped Tapered Beeswax Candle

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Created from wax gathered from our bees on the farm, these candles are dipped in the traditional Appalachian style, so slight imperfections are a given. Burning beeswax candles in the home is an excellent way to purify the air and remove negative vibes. Average burn time is approximately 6-7ish hours each. A set is 2 candles

locally grown dilly beans

Locally Grown Dilly Beans

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Picked fresh from the garden and preserved in raw vinegar, garlic, dill, and the tiniest hint of jalapeno, these picked wonders make an excellent snack or pair well with any garden salad.

locally grown pickled beets

Locally Grown Pickled Beets

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Beautifully preserved, tender, heirloom beets grown in the hills of Southern Appalachia. An excellent addition to salads and soup beans with cornbread, lending a rich earthy flavor with just the right amount of clove.

apple cinnamon jelly 8oz

Apple Cinnamon Jelly

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Harvested at the heart of autumn as the sassafras trees peaked a vibrant orange, this jelly, made with stayman and golden delicious, raw natural sugar, and natural pectin, uses my grandmother's special ingredient used for us as children... red hots.

cranberry sage jelly

Cranberry Sage Jelly

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8 ounces of savory autumn goodness straight from the farm... Pairs well with dishes of fowl, biscuits, and crackers. Made with organic cranberries, organic garden sage, organic raw sugar, and natural pectin.

dried local apples2

Dried Local Apples

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Harvested at their peak, straight from the tree, these excellent snacks hail from a medium sized orchard nestled at the base of Frog Mountain in the southern Appalachians. Currently, the choices are Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, and Arkansas Black