Remember When We Had Time


My grandparents lived simple lives. No microwave, cellphone, computer, and there were only 3 channels we could get on the TV. The phone stayed in one place, everything closed on Sundays, and drug stores weren’t dealers, so they had the time to offer shakes, malts, and a friendly hello. My grandparents worked…they worked hard, yet miraculously without the modern ‘conveniences’, they had the time each evening to sit on the porch for hours after a home cooked meal. They had time to play board games with us, and their weekends were actually a time to enjoy and rest. Are we missing something?
This herbal bath tea was created in honor of my grandmother’s Garden, and in the hope that when you use it, you set aside time to be fully present. No technology…..just a calming soothing bath with an actual book.
Calm and Soothe Herbal Bath Tea: all organic ingredients of dried goats Milk, Epsom salts, oats, lavender, chamomile, raw coconut oil, dead Sea salt, and essential oil of lavender. Stop in to say hi, And pick some up for a most excellent stocking stuffer.

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