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Our Story

Throughout the centuries, my folk have gone by many names, some positive....some not so much.  My grandfather purchased people's warts for a penny.  Days later, they would disappear.  I have met those who would rid a child of thrush by blowing into their mouth.  I have known men to speak certain words to 'draw out the fire' of a serious malady.  Call this what you will, but my folk have survived and thrived within these hills for centuries.  Dying out is the image of James Dickey's backwoods hillbilly.  And like the Phoenix, a new generation of mountain folk are emerging from the ashes.  People with pride in their culture, those interested in preserving a way of life that was rough, but pure, challenging , yet (mostly) honest.

The Herbiary of Blue Ridge was created as a gathering place for those interested in preserving Appalachian traditions. A place of herbal wisdom, Appalachian comradery, and general knowledge of all things folk.

All products at the Herbiary of Blue Ridge are organic, gmo free, or wildharvested unless otherwise noted.  Many of our herbs and products come directly from our small Farm where we use all organic growing practices, or what my great grandfather simply called....farming.  Each of our products hold a story.  Whether gathered under a forest canopy sharing time with my daughter, or harvesting corn for the CSA under a full moon well into the witching hour with the entire family, everything here holds a mountain memory.  Stop by, sit on the couch with a cup of our hand blended tea, and allow us to tell you one.  Or share one of your own with us. And thanks for making this life possible.


The Herbalist


Owner/Herbalist/Writer/Adventurer of the Appalachia/Prone to accidents.

The Yogi


Yogi/Superwife/Business Guru/Healer

The Apprentice


Herbalist in Training/Musician/Blacksmith/Leathercraft/Tea Master/Old Appalachian Soul

The Offspring


Creator of Bath Elixers/Musician/Sidekick Adventurer/Bibliophile/Keeper of the Register

The Herbiary of Blue Ridge


Fiddle players, banjo plucker, gatherers, jewelery makers, artisans, teachers, knitters, crochet lady, backpack junky, comedic relief.....no man is an island. It takes these guys and gals doing what they love and spreading their Appalachian knowledge and culture for this project to thrive. I am eternally grateful.